Gamlakarleby stadskyrkas glasmålning.to the website of the The Kokkola Parish Union.

The Kokkola Parish Union comprises six Evangelical Lutheran local parishes situated in Kokkola, Kaustinen and Halsua:

  • Kokkola Finnish Parish ("Kokkolan suomalainen seurakunta" in Finnish)
  • Kokkola Swedish Parish ("Karleby svenska församling" in Swedish)
  • Kaustinen and Ullava Parish ("Kaustisen ja Ullavan seurakunta")
  • Kälviä Parish ("Kälviän seurakunta")
  • Lohtaja Parish ("Lohtajan seurakunta")
  • Halsua Parish ("Halsuan seurakunta")

Their websites are to be found in the menu above.

Fellowship for immigrants

The Kokkola Parish Union offers a variety of activities for immigrants in the Kokkola area.

What we believe in

Jesus Christ is the core of the Christian faith. He is God’s special revelation. We can receive the salvation that Jesus prepared by believing that He suffered punishment for our sins.

To know more about the Christian faith, click for the website of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland.

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